UPG provides a range of products and services to enable organisations to capitalise on the one asset that brings money into the business – payment data. Uniquely, we cover all trading channels - in-store, internet, call centres and mail orders . We also give you independence from the banks, allowing you to get the best deal on Merchant Services rates.

Fast, Secure Online Card Processing

Are you looking to take card payments for the very first time, or are you already trading and looking for a better deal on your card processing?

Whether you are small or large, new or established, we will make it easier for you and save you money.

Features include:

  • PCI:DSS Level 1 compliant – the highest level of card security
  • Preferential Merchant Account rates
  • Simple, Straightforward, Uncomplicated and Secure integration
  • And much, much more!

Shopping Carts

Our systems already have standard integrations built-in for these popular shopping carts:

UPG Defender Key: Authenticating Access

Logging into your UPG account retrieves your online trading activity, account reconciliation and is the portal for your customers’ payment data. This information is valuable, highly sensitive and worryingly, can be accessed by a password on a post-it note or a shared administration password.

It is common for passwords to be replicated for numerous websites and online accounts with the passwords written in a notebook or post-it note close to hand. With only the username and password information, unauthorised users (such as disgruntled ex-employees) are easily able to access your trading records and more importantly your customer’s payment details.

  • The UPG Defender Key delivers a unique One Time Password which cannot be duplicated or recorded and is read directly from the key.
  • There is no need to re-type pass codes from the key.
  • There is no additional software or drivers needed.

Face to Face Card Processing

Our exceptional Chip and PIN machines enable you to process fully encrypted payments in under a second. Incomparable to the majority of traditional card terminals, our unrivalled devices operate over the internet and do not dial up over a telephone line. This saves you the costs associated with line rental and call charges. Your customers will also benefit from speedier card transactions and an improved payment experience.

As well as being 20 times faster than a traditional terminal, all UPG’s Chip and PIN devices support multiple banks. This offers you the flexibility to shop around for the best acquiring rates without being tied to a specific bank through using their hardware. If you decide to switch banks, it’s simple, notify us and we will make the switch immediately, it takes 10 seconds for our technical team to make the transition.

Seamless EPoS Integration with UPG Bridge

There are two ways to process a payment with an EPoS terminal. The most common way is to keep the systems separate and enter the payment amount directly into the card machine. Alternatively, the other method is for the EPoS device to send the payment amount to the machine automatically; we offer both solutions.

Our UPG Bridge provides a secure, link between your EPoS terminal and the Chip & PIN device and is specifically designed to make sure the EPoS systems and merchants are kept out of scope for PCI:DSS. This eliminates huge risk, cost and management overhead for you and your EPoS provider.

Transaction and card details are fully encrypted for processing via a standard business broadband connection. In many cases, this will give you significant savings in call charges, and even line rentals. Other benefits include:

  • Elimination of “double entry” errors associated with stand alone devices;
  • PCI: DSS compliant integration;
  • Improved daily reconciliation processes with reduced administration time;
  • Improved business commerciality; recording sales, stock and customer data;
  • UPG fast track set up service: One stop integration, installation and testing of all devices across your retail estate, ensuring continual trading and maintained revenues.Facility to change terminals and even banks without affecting the EPoS system 
  • System supports .NET and Java systems

Our Services for Merchants

UPG has a wide range of flexible solutions to aid your business.

Recognising and sharing your commitment and dedication to your customers, we believe our card payment solutions will help you deliver an exceptional purchasing experience safely, securely and cost effectively.